Our Story

We built this company to solve a problem we had on our own farms. When we launched our hemp farm, the largest problem we had was finding a quality nursery that understood hemp that could also germinate hardened-off transplants and ship them to us for a reasonable, commercial-farming price. We couldn't find one, so we decided to create it. We found the Farmer of the Year in Florida and brought him on. He knew starts very well but did not know hemp. When we joined what we knew about hemp with their decades of transplant germination experience, the results were amazing and gave us the idea to help solve this problem for farmers everywhere.

Having produced hundreds of thousands of CBD hemp seedlings as a team and after nailing down our methodology, we launched CIGN to provide farmers across the U.S. with hardy CBD hemp starts and ship them nationwide. Our management team includes generational and experienced hemp farmers, a 30+ year veteran team in seedling germination, and experienced operational executives. As a team we provide services from your perspective because we've been there. Our nursery in Homestead, Florida has the perfect climate to produce top-quality hemp starts. We have also pioneered development of proprietary inputs specific to hemp to make each start as hardy and viable as ever.

With a 6-acre State of the Art "Cravo" Greenhouse facility with over 167,000 sq ft of covered area, the farm is currently growing over 100,000 plants.

CIGN, is in a unique position to grow several crops a year and provide consistent results that focus on harnessing CBD, CBG, CBN and other compounds produced by the plant to apply it in human wellness.

Our hemp flower products range from indoor grown hemp strains to bulky high quality outdoor grown strains. CIGN sells hemp strains from 2-star grade all the way up to 5-star private reserve grade.