CIGN is Your Trusted Hemp Growing Facility.

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CIGN has been helping Florida farmers and bulk buyers break into and flourish in the hemp business since our launch in 2020. We have propagated and fully grown out hundreds of thousands of hemp seedlings. We have perfected our cultivation methodologies, from seed to sale. CIGN provides farmers and bulk buyers across the U.S. with quality hemp seedlings, full size transplants, clones, top quality wholesale bulk flower, seeds, contracted full grow cycle services, and cultivation consultation services.


How we do it

Gettting better results for your hemp

Learning about your Farm

CIGN’s team of experts spend five days learning every aspect of your grow operation. We review your acreage, microclimate, farming practices and monitor other growing conditions to maximize your farms full potential.

Finalize your Planting Schedule

CIGN works with you to decide what's optimal for your operation and ship your hardened-off starts, clones or transplants to your operation when you need them. We ship nationwide and internationally all at once or in batches. Shipping cost and logistics may vary on destination and order volume and weight.

Finalize your Genetics Selection

Based on the data we've gathered on your operation our team will help you select genetics from our catalog of breeders or help you germinate sourced seeds

Start Shipping on your Schedule

Germination takes approximately 4 weeks and seedlings typically ship in refrigerated trucks arriving generally within two days of leaving the nursery: hardened-off and ready for planting. Shipping cost and logistics may vary on destination and order volume and weight.

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